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BeemSync : it is working but just like a proof of concept.
	Need to redo functions - DaRisk already start to do it
	Dont forget to assign contact without group to the virtual group of the current account : 'NoGroup'

Connection : Xmppconnectionadapter is now 'useless'. It has to be clean.
	Need improve support of the connection (Xep 198 / Xep 184) : Enable filtering on keyboard press key.
	Redo context menu and contact or muc options on longClick : Change icon depending on the status

Notification : Propose the possibility to add an activity to the notification bar.
	Specific contact list of an account or Specific contact/muc of an account to accesc quicker to this activity.

BeemConnectivity: Need to listen for connectivity intents and reconnect to XMPP servers if we went from noconnectiviy to connectivity states

-if you change the jid of an account, the account became unusable since today we use the jid as a key to get preferences.