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fix some bugs + update jingle code in asmack

asmack is a portage of the Smack library for
the Android platform. The project is mostly maintained by Rene Treffer and you
can find the binaries at and the sources at

The asmack project is based on the development version of the Smack library.
This version is constantly moving but we want a fixed version for BEEM.
We patched the asmack build process to use a fixed version of the Smack
library. Currently, we use the revision 11644 of the Smack SVN repository.


First check out the last version of asmack
> git://

In the asmack folder, edit your file to contains the path of the android SDK.

Build asmack
> ./build.batch -j -c

The build directory will contains the files :
 * asmack-android-$VERSION-beem.jar for asmack binaries for android $VERSION
 * asmack-android-$ for the asmack custom sources for
   android $VERSION.