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Many little modifications. Clean strings.xml Disable use of preference for status notification. Fix a bug with the auto away feature.

Android Market

First of all, BEEM is available on the Android market. Just search for 'BEEM'.

Development version

1. Dependencies
   First you will need the latest Android SDK. You can download it at 
   You will also need the Apache Ant tool to build the project. You can get it at

2. Android project
   Use the android program provides by the SDK to set the Android platform directory.
   First get the Target id of the platform you want to build BEEM for.
   > $SDK_DIR/tools/android list targets

   Then use this id to set up the BEEM project.
   > $SDK_DIR/tools/android update project -t $TARGET_ID -p $BEEM_DIRECTORY

3. Compile and install
   Use ant to compile and install the application on the Android device
   > ant install

The development version use a private certificate to sign the package. You will need to uninstall it before installing or upgrading a version of BEEM from the Android market.