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Add an interface for sending im message. Do some javadoc comments

package com.beem.project.beem.service.aidl;

import  com.beem.project.beem.service.Contact;
import  com.beem.project.beem.service.aidl.IChat;
import  com.beem.project.beem.service.aidl.IMessageListener;
import  com.beem.project.beem.service.aidl.IChatManagerListener;

 * Aidl interface for a chat manager.
 * The chat manager will manage all the chat sessions.
interface IChatManager {
    	//IChat createChat(in String jid, in IMessageListener listener);
    	 * Create a chat session with a contact.
    	 * @param contact	the contact to chat with
    	 * @param listener	the callback to call when a new message comes from this chat session
    	 * @return 		the chat session
	IChat createChat(in Contact contact, in IMessageListener listener);
	 * Register a callback to call when a new chat session is created.
	 * @param listener	the callback to add
	void addChatCreationListener(in IChatManagerListener listener);
	 * Remove a callback for the creation of new chat session.
	 * @param listener	the callback to remove.
	void removeChatCreationListener(in IChatManagerListener listener);