Beem 0.1.3 is out

We are happy to announce you the version 0.1.3 of Beem ! German translation, Account wizard, notification settings and more.
Added by Frédéric Barthéléry almost 13 years ago

Beem 0.1.3 is out !


You can download the new version on the Android Market or here
You can also scan the 2d code above with your phone.

What's new since 0.1.2 :

  • A wizard to add your XMPP account.
  • German translation. Thanks to Daniel for this. Don't hesitate to complete the translation or add new ones on
  • Fix a bug in chat activity. #244
  • More settings for notification
  • Coloured notification icon visible on Sense UI
  • Possibility to start a chat with a specific resources. Long click on the contact then chat.

We are working on a better integration with the Android platform by using the Account API. This will add the possibility to use multiple accounts and see your Beem contacts in the phone Contacts application

Please give us some feedback on the mailing-list . You can also contact us on the channel #beem freenode IRC network or on XMPP Multi User Chat


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