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h1. BEEM


The goal of *Beem* is to provide a full featured and easy to use a Jabber/XMPP client on Android.

*Beem* is under constant development. Releases are usually frequent and driven by user contributions, such as bug reports and patches.

*Beem* is free and contains no ads. All our code is open source and licensed under the _GNU General Public License 3_ and any later version. This means you can get *Beem*'s code and modify it to suit your needs, as long as you publish the changes you make for everyone to benefit from as well.

h2. Features

* Compatible with any standard XMPP server (Prosody, ejabberd, Openfire, Tigase, Google Talk, ...)
* SASL support
* Proxy (Socks4 Socks5 HTTP)
* Support of DNS SRV

In development:
* MUC: see issue #216
* Jingle:
* Multi account:

h2. Screenshots

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h2. Download

h3. Android package

Beem is available on the Android market. Just search for 'BEEM' to download the latest version or use the QR code above.
We also provide you the Android package file (apk) for the latest version of BEEM at the "files section":
You can also download a live version of BEEM. This Android package is regenerated with the last source code every night: "download": "Download":

h3. Source

If you want to use the last unstable development version, then you should checkout the mercurial repository.
The mercurial repository is available at this address: and viewable "here": and "here": You can see development repositories "here":

*Under GNU/Linux*

In order to download BEEM sources, here is what you have to do: You first have to install mercurial (apt-get install mercurial under Debian).
Then in a console, enter the following commands:
hg clone beem

To install the developement version please see the file INSTALL for details: source:INSTALL.

Once you have the repository, you can update it periodicaly so it matches the latest version from the main repository with the following command:
hg pull && hg update

h2. Support & getting help

We have a little [[FAQ]].
For getting help or discussing about BEEM, you can join #beem on the freenode IRC network or on XMPP MUC room:
We have a public mailing list, feel free to subscribe "here": and send mail to
*Important Note*: this is a mailing list, *you may not receive an answer* if you have not registered.

You can also contact *privately* the *BEEM Team* at

Before submitting a bug report, a patch or a feature request here, please read the [[submissions|submission guidelines]].

h2. Contributing and helping out

Beem is built and maintained by community volunteers. If you enjoy using it and would like to give back to the community, the [[contribute]] page has several ideas. Software development experience is not required.