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h1. FAQ


h2. About BEEM

h3. What does BEEM mean?

BEEM means "Boost your Eyes, Ears and Mouth".

h3. Do you guys have an XMPP MUC room?

Yes. You can find us at You can also find us on the IRC at the channel #beem on freenode network.

h3. Why BEEM needs those crazy permissions??

Here is a list of the different permissions used by BEEM:


|_. Permission |_. Need |
| android.permission.INTERNET| to access the internet connection |
| android.permission.VIBRATE | to set vibrate on Beemç notifications |
| android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE | to stock the avatar datas on the SDCARD |
| android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE | to check the connectivity status |
| com.beem.project.beem.BEEM_SERVICE | Custom permission which will be used to allow other applications to use the Beem service |

h3. Can I use BEEM in my own project?

You can use the source code of beem (in free or paid apps as most as you want as long as you respect the requirements of the GPLv3:
We have no commercial business around BEEM but we will really glad if other people can bring back to the upstream their ameliorations.
If you have any question we will be glad to help you.

h3. I want to help, what do you have for me?

Lots of stuff to do. Just see all those "crazy tasks":

h3. But I'm not a programmer!

That's OK. If you are into drawing stuff, you could design an icon set, emoticons set, or such. If you know some languages, you could help with translations. In either case, please just use BEEM, report your ideas, suggestions, tell us about your experience and feelings.

And, of course, help us to build a community, stay around in our XMPP MUC room,, chat around, answer newbies' questions and such. You can't imagine how it helps when there is at least a person or two that can help you with all that support-related stuff so that you can free a bit of time and context switches to write a bit more code.

h2. Common issues

h3. I use a Google Apps account and I can't connect with BEEM!!! 

The Google Talk (GTalk) server use a non standard authentication scheme: they don't use the user part of the JID to authenticate but instead they use the full JID.
Starting to Beem-0.1.5 version, you can use an option in the advanced preferences to use the full JID to authenticate.
For previous version, if the domain part of your JID is not or you have to enter in BEEM a JID in this form:

h3. I want to use Facebook Chat with Beem.

To use your Facebook account in Beem you must:
* have a "Facebook username": After setting your username, you must log out of and into Facebook once.
* your Facebook Jabber ID is simply your Facebook user name with appended (eg: (
* don't set the "use full JID to authenticate" option in advanced settings.