Submissions on BEEM

You can make a submission anonymously. However, to comment on your issue, you must register on the issue system.
Do not create a new issue just to comment.

Submissions should be written in english, french is also accepted but less desirable.

Submitting a Bug

How to report bugs effectively
This document contains general information about submitting a bug report. Please read it carefully.

Before submitting a bug report here, please make sure:
  • that you're using the last version of BEEM

And have a look at the bug list and the FAQ to see if it has not already been reported.

When filling a bug report, please give the following information with the description of your problem:
  • your Android device
  • your Android version
  • your Beem version (pick the version number in the Affected version field) and the exact revision (eg. r1142) if you're using repository code
  • the error stack trace that you should find in the log file if your report is about an error. The message displayed by the app (eg: ...An error occurred when trying to connect...) is useless here

If you have access to an Android SDK, please give the stacktrace of the crash. You can obtain it by typing in a console when the phone is plugged on your computer:

$> adb logcat

You can also use the application alogcat available on the Android Market.

The simplest way to get information about your Android version is:
Settings -> About Phone -> Model Number + Model Version

Submitting a Feature Request

Before submitting a feature request here, please make sure:
  • fill the subject as a sum up of your description
  • fill the description as detailed as you can, don't hesitate to describe precisely how this feature should behave, try to add what benefits you're excepting from it
  • please DON'T fill the target version field: let the developers decide when integrate
  • please DON'T set a high priority, let the developers deal with it
  • please DON'T assign the feature request to anybody, let the developers deal with it

Submitting a Wiki improvement

When you edit a wiki page to improve its content, make sure that you fill the comment field with a descriptive summary of the changes you've made to the page. This way we'll be better able to "monitor" and "maintain" the quality of the actual wiki content.

Submitting codes

The prefered way to submit code is to make a mercurial pull request. Submit an issue to the "Pull request" tracker. Don't forget to fill the repository field and add a descriptive summary of your changes. Please specify also the revision you wish us to pull.

Alternatively, you can submit changes by sending us a patch:
  • Changes should be submitted as a single patch file. Instructions for creating a patch using mercurial can be found here
  • You should mention the branch/revision your patch is based on and attach it

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