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The goal of Beem is to provide a full featured and easy to use a Jabber/XMPP client on Android.

Beem is under constant development. Releases are usually frequent and driven by user contributions, such as bug reports and patches.

Beem is free and contains no ads. All our code is open source and licensed under the GNU General Public License 3 and any later version. This means you can get Beem's code and modify it to suit your needs, as long as you publish the changes you make for everyone to benefit from as well.



Available: In development:



Android package


Beem is available on the Google Play Store . You can also install it by flashing the QR code above.
We also provide you the Android package file (apk) for the latest version of BEEM at the files section.
You can also download a live version of BEEM. This Android package is regenerated with the last source code every night: download.


If you want to use the last unstable development version, then you should checkout the mercurial repository.
The mercurial repository is available at this address: and viewable here and here. You can see development repositories here.

Under GNU/Linux

In order to download BEEM sources, here is what you have to do: You first have to install mercurial (apt-get install mercurial under Debian).
Then in a console, enter the following commands:

hg clone beem

To install the developement version please see the file INSTALL for details: source:INSTALL.

Once you have the repository, you can update it periodicaly so it matches the latest version from the main repository with the following command:

hg pull -u 


aSmack - buildsystem for Smack on Android:

Support & getting help

We have a little FAQ.
For getting help or discussing about BEEM, you can join #beem on the freenode IRC network or on XMPP MUC room:
We have a public mailing list, feel free to subscribe here and send mail to
Important Note: this is a mailing list, you may not receive an answer if you have not registered.

You can also contact privately the BEEM Team at
We are currently not interested by any advertising services. Such requests will just be ignored.

Before submitting a bug report, a patch or a feature request here, please read the submission guidelines.

If you're interested, you can also have a look at our Privacy Policy

Contributing and helping out

Beem is built and maintained by community volunteers. If you enjoy using it and would like to give back to the community, the contribute page has several ideas. Software development experience is not required.

Comment filtrer les echanges XMPP entre le telephone et un autre client

Il faut lancer wireshark sur localhost, et filtrer nos echanges (tcp.port == 5222 pour une conf de base).

Apres le soucis c'est que les communications vont etre compresser, pour desactiver la compression :

Server > Server Settings > Compression Settings > Client Compression > Not Available.


So you want to contribute?

They are many way to contribute on the BEEM project. The simplest one is just to help promote BEEM. Use it, show it, talk about it, share it with your friends.

Here's a list of other things you should do:


Fourre tout XMPP/Openfire


Patch et mercurial

Checkstyle et formatage

XEP sympa a implementer


tuto utiles sur les listview

Interesting links

Eclipse checkstyle

Comme nous l'avions precedemment ecrit dans le cahier des charges du projet BEEM, nous allons ecrire du code qui respecte une certaine norme notamment au niveau de la documentation javadoc des classes.
Pour vous faciliter la tache et vous pourrir la vie, je mets a votre disposition un fichier de regle pour CheckStyle qui est un programme qui verifie certaine regles dans le code source. Celui ci est utilisable avec le plugin eclipse Pour les pressees, vous pouvez utiliser ce site dans le software update d'eclipse
Ces regles ont ete teste par Marseille. Si certaines regles ne vous conviennent pas pour une raison ou une autre, on en discutera dans ce ticket.

Ce fichier sera prochainement disponible dans le depot des sources du projet, ne vous inquietez pas ^^


About BEEM

What does BEEM mean?

BEEM means "Boost your Eyes, Ears and Mouth".

Do you guys have an XMPP MUC room?

Yes. You can find us at You can also find us on the IRC at the channel #beem on freenode network.

Why BEEM needs those crazy permissions??

Here is a list of the different permissions used by BEEM:

Permission Need
android.permission.INTERNET to access the internet connection
android.permission.VIBRATE to set vibrate on Beem notifications
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to stock the avatar datas on the SDCARD
android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to read the stocked avatar datas on the SDCARD
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE to check the connectivity status
com.beem.project.beem.BEEM_SERVICE Custom permission which will be used to allow other applications to use the Beem service
android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS As the 0.1.8 release, this is needed to be able to log you in Google Talk by using you device Google accounts
android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS As the 0.1.8 release, this is needed to be able to log you in Google Talk by using you device Google accounts

Can I use BEEM in my own project?

You can use the source code of beem (in free or paid apps as most as you want as long as you respect the requirements of the GPLv3:
We have no commercial business around BEEM but we will really glad if other people can bring back to the upstream their ameliorations.
If you have any question we will be glad to help you.

I want to help, what do you have for me?

Lots of stuff to do. Just see all those crazy tasks.

But I'm not a programmer!

That's OK. If you are into drawing stuff, you could design an icon set, emoticons set, or such. If you know some languages, you could help with translations. In either case, please just use BEEM, report your ideas, suggestions, tell us about your experience and feelings.

And, of course, help us to build a community, stay around in our XMPP MUC room,, chat around, answer newbies' questions and such. You can't imagine how it helps when there is at least a person or two that can help you with all that support-related stuff so that you can free a bit of time and context switches to write a bit more code.

Common issues

I use a Google Apps account and I can't connect with BEEM!!! 

The Google Talk (GTalk) server use a non standard authentication scheme: they don't use the user part of the JID to authenticate but instead they use the full JID.
Starting to Beem-0.1.5 version, you can use an option in the advanced preferences to use the full JID to authenticate.
For previous version, if the domain part of your JID is not or you have to enter in BEEM a JID in this form:

I want to use Facebook Chat with Beem.

To use your Facebook account in Beem you must:

How to generate a patch file

(From :


This method is useful for receiving small numbers of changes from contributors and is a traditional method for open source projects. This is primarily used in scenarios where changes get reviewed before being applied to a central repository.

In combination with the push/pull method, it's common to post patches generated by export to a mailing list, along with instructions for pulling from their source repository.

This can also be useful for "cherry-picking" individual patches from one repo into another.

$ hg export 1135
# HG changeset patch
# User Thomas Arendsen Hein <>
# Node ID e455d91f62598b8f255ce6c0291afe8f8565e0d2
# Parent  2cd33ea2f66bae0eb7415cfcd7eab88566fdb1aa
Variable 'body' was missing in patchbomb script.

diff -r 2cd33ea2f66b -r e455d91f6259 contrib/patchbomb
--- a/contrib/patchbomb Sun Aug 28 16:30:40 2005
+++ b/contrib/patchbomb Sun Aug 28 16:52:55 2005
@@ -107,6 +107,7 @@
     def makepatch(patch, idx, total):
         desc = []
         node = None
+        body = ''
         for line in patch:
             if line.startswith('#'):
                 if line.startswith('# Node ID'): node = line.split()[-1]
$ hg export 1135 > ../body.patch
$ cd ../work
$ hg import ../body.patch


This method allows communication of patches by exchanging "bundles": a compressed group of changesets in a native file format. These bundle files can then be exchanged via email attachments, FTP, floppy disk, etc.

This also allows you to publish your changes without publishing a copy of the entire project history.

$ hg bundle changes.hg http://upstream/repo
searching for changes
$ scp changes.hg server:public_html
$ cd ../other
$ hg unbundle http://server/~user/changes.hg
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
added 13 changesets with 20 changes to 6 files

Liste des formats audiovideo prevu pour le streaming

Liste des PayLoads pour le RTP

PT        encoding name   audio/video (A/V)  clock rate (Hz)  channels (audio)  Reference
--------  --------------  -----------------  ---------------  ----------------  ---------
0         PCMU            A                  8000             1                 [RFC3551]
1         Reserved      
2         Reserved
3         GSM             A                  8000             1                 [RFC3551]
4         G723            A                  8000             1                 [Kumar]
5         DVI4            A                  8000             1                 [RFC3551]
6         DVI4            A                  16000            1                 [RFC3551]
7         LPC             A                  8000             1                 [RFC3551]
8         PCMA            A                  8000             1                 [RFC3551]
9         G722            A                  8000             1                 [RFC3551]
10        L16             A                  44100            2                 [RFC3551]
11        L16             A                  44100            1                 [RFC3551]
12        QCELP           A                  8000             1                 
13        CN              A                  8000             1                 [RFC3389]
14        MPA             A                  90000                              [RFC3551][RFC2250]
15        G728            A                  8000             1                 [RFC3551]
16        DVI4            A                  11025            1                 [DiPol]
17        DVI4            A                  22050            1                 [DiPol]
18        G729            A                  8000             1
19        Reserved        A
20        Unassigned      A
21        Unassigned      A
22        Unassigned      A
23        Unassigned      A
24        Unassigned      V
25        CelB            V                  90000                              [RFC2029]
26        JPEG            V                  90000                              [RFC2435]
27        Unassigned      V
28        nv              V                  90000                              [RFC3551]
29        Unassigned      V
30        Unassigned      V
31        H261            V                  90000                              [RFC2032]
32        MPV             V                  90000                              [RFC2250]
33        MP2T            AV                 90000                              [RFC2250]
34        H263            V                  90000                              [Zhu]
35-71     Unassigned      ?
72-76     Reserved for RTCP conflict avoidance                                  [RFC3550]
77-95     Unassigned      ?
96-127    dynamic         ?                                                     [RFC3551] 

Retrouvable sur

Liste des XEP


Voici une liste d'extension qu'ils nous faudrait implementer dans BEEM. Cette liste est non exhaustive et sert surtout pour avoir une idee des differents ecrans utilisateur (activite android) qu'il faut realiser.

Extensions requise pour BEEM

XMPP Core Client 2009

Un client XMPP doit implementer ces specifications:

Les rfc 3920 et 3921 sont mises a jours par ces 2 rfcs rfc3920bis et rfc3921bis . Dans l'ensemble ces 4 specifications sont implementes dans Smack donc niveau protocole, il ne devrait pas y avoir grand chose a coder. Je vous conseille de parcourir le sommaire de ces specs afin de voir quel fonctionnalites activer dans l'interface utilisateur.

XMPP Advanced Client 2009

Un client XMPP "avance" doit implementer ces specifications :

La XEP-0085 ne semble pas tres interessantes pour BEEM car elle cause aussi une utilisation supplementaire de la bande passante sans apporter de reel interet pour une utilisation sur mobile.
La XEP-0054 est deja assez ancienne et risque fort d'etre remplacer par la XEP-0154: User Profile qui est en status experimental.


Comme vous le savez tous Jingle est l'extension XMPP qui permet de realiser des echanges multimedia. Cette extension est plutot grosse, elle est donc definie en plusieurs XEP.

Autres extensions interessantes

Personnal Eventing Protocol ou PEP

PEP est une simplification de l'extension Publish-Subscribe realise dans l'optique de permettre a l'utilisateur de definir des information contextuelle tel que la musique qu'il ecoute ou encore son activite actuelle. Elle definie un ensemble de specifications pour chaque possibilite.
XEP-0118: User Tune pour la fonction "Je suis en train d'ecouter ..."
XEP-0108: User Activity pour "Je suis en train de dormir"
XEP-0107: User Mood pour "Je suis fatigue"
XEP-0080: User Location pour "Je suis a la Tour Eiffel plus precisement a latitutde 42 longitude 42"
XEP-0084: User Avatar pour envoyer son nouvel avatar


Afin de gerer les avatars de l'utilisateur on peut implementer ces specification:

Gains en bande passante

XEP-0138: Stream Compression pour compresser la connexion avec le serveur
XEP-0237: Roster Versioning Cette extension permet d'eviter l'envoi de toute la liste de contact. Elle met en place un mecanisme de version de la liste envoie uniquement les changements entre les differentes version de la liste de contact. Elle est egalement specifier dans la rfc3921bis


XEP-0126: Invisibility pour apparaitre deconnecte.
XEP-0154: User Profile Cette extension est destine a remplacer les vcards. Elle permet le stockage de beaucoup plus d'informations et pourrait meme servir a mettre en place un social networking <-- Deferred by the XMPP Standards Foundation, en gros faut plus l'utiliser!

Comment faire un patch et l'appliquer sous mercurial

Comment generer un patch ?

simple. dans votre depot vous faite : (ou $base est le numero de la revision de base de vos modifications)

hg export $base >  monpatch.patch

Vous obtenez un joli fichier de diff que vous pouvez utiliser normalement (voir man patch)
L'inconvenient est que ce ficihier ne contient pas les informations de commits, etc. On va d'autre utiliser une autre commande de mercurial pour obtenir un fichier bundle qui contiendra le patch plus les infos de commits etc

hg bundle --base $base monbundle.bz2


hg bundle monbundle.bz2 $depot

Il est alors possible d'importer ce bundle

hg pull monbundle.bz2

Bon pour plus d'infos n'hesiter pas a voir la doc de mercurial (man hg)

Beem Privacy Policy

You don't have to take our word on all of this. Beem is an open source project. Anyone can study our Source Code and make an informed decision.

Beem is an XMPP client that allows you to connect with a third party XMPP provider of your choice. Beem or its developers don't have control other the data you send to this provider through the application.
You should also consult the privacy policy of your selected XMPP provider.

1. Sharing data

We never share your data with anyone.

2. Storing data

We never store your data.


Multi User Chat [XEP-0045]

Roles : Participant
Participant : Joindre Room, Quitter Room, Changer Pseudo, Inviter, Transformation 1on1 -> 1on multi, Envoyer Message, Envoyer message prive, Requesting Voice.

Affiliation (lien avec le chan) : Owner
Owner : Creer Room, Detruire Room

User Interface / Ergonomie

Service / Smack implementation

Utilisation du ServiceDiscovery voir class ServiceDiscoveryManager de Smack









Trouver Documentation


Personal Event Protocol

User Tune [XEP-0118]
User ACtivity [XEP-0108]
User Mood [XEP-0107]
User Location [XEP-0080]

User Avatar [XEP-0084]

We need to think about how we store user avatar. also need to finish the smack implementation, this should be easy.


Gestion des ressources

Necessite l'utilisation du contact provider. Une activite qui affiche la liste des ressources d'un contact lorsqu'on lui passe un jid incomplet ( afin de choisir a qui parler. Cette activite lance directement l'activite Chat si il n'y a 0 ou 1 ressource connecté ou un jid complet (

Externalisation de l'AsyncTask de LoginAnim

On peut creer une implementation abstract de l'AsyncTask. Cette abstraction lancerait juste la connection, a charge a ses sous classes de definir leur changement niveau UI.
Exemple d'utilisation :
Lancement de l'activite Chat sans connexion. La connexion s'effectue en arriere plan pendant que l'user tape son message et des qu'elle disponible on active le bouton 'envoyer'

Gestion des chats different mais avec un meme contact

On ne gere qu'un seul chat par contact. Si on obtient un nouveau chat pour le meme contact le nouveau remplace l'ancien et l'ancien est definitivement perdu.
Faire des tests en ouvrant un chat avec gajim puis en le fermant et reouvrant un chat.

Gestion des message simples.

Ca peut etre interessant a faire rapidement. Ca permet d'envoyer des messages avec un sujet. Des messages plus en mode sms/mail.

Liste des intents a catcher

A definir

Submissions on BEEM

You can make a submission anonymously. However, to comment on your issue, you must register on the issue system.
Do not create a new issue just to comment.

Submissions should be written in english, french is also accepted but less desirable.

Submitting a Bug

How to report bugs effectively
This document contains general information about submitting a bug report. Please read it carefully.

Before submitting a bug report here, please make sure:

And have a look at the bug list and the FAQ to see if it has not already been reported.

When filling a bug report, please give the following information with the description of your problem:

If you have access to an Android SDK, please give the stacktrace of the crash. You can obtain it by typing in a console when the phone is plugged on your computer:

$> adb logcat

You can also use the application alogcat available on the Android Market.

The simplest way to get information about your Android version is:
Settings -> About Phone -> Model Number + Model Version

Submitting a Feature Request

Before submitting a feature request here, please make sure:

Submitting a Wiki improvement

When you edit a wiki page to improve its content, make sure that you fill the comment field with a descriptive summary of the changes you've made to the page. This way we'll be better able to "monitor" and "maintain" the quality of the actual wiki content.

Submitting codes

The prefered way to submit code is to make a mercurial pull request. Submit an issue to the "Pull request" tracker. Don't forget to fill the repository field and add a descriptive summary of your changes. Please specify also the revision you wish us to pull.

Alternatively, you can submit changes by sending us a patch: