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04:24 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Feature #400 (New): Implement XEP-0198 Stream Managment
Reliability is one of the most important key features of a messenger client. If I can't be sure that something I type... argafål (Daniel Michalik)
01:42 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Bug #392: Notification settings inconsistencies
Reproduced as stated on my Motorola Defy, Android 2.2 argafål (Daniel Michalik)
12:31 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Bug #399: User subscription can stay unanswered but doesn't show anywhere
Sorry, my mistake, gajim says 'request sent', it looks like it's indicating that it sent it again. beem however does ... argafål (Daniel Michalik)

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