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04:53 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Feature #402: Use Android Contacts
i think this feature is currently developed in BEEM-Account Repo: Loop Back


10:21 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Support #406: Eclipse
You need to setup android sdk in the project - it is not set by default and so all Ressources wont be available...
Loop Back


11:22 AM BEEM - Android XMPP Feature #404 (New): Show special icons for users at xmpp transports (like gajim)
I use gajim on my desktop as it provides a nice function: it shows special status icons for contacts connected over t... Loop Back
11:15 AM BEEM - Android XMPP Feature #403 (Closed): Support Metacontacts
As I use xmpp gateways i have several contacts multiple times in my list. I would like to combine them into Metcontac... Loop Back
11:11 AM BEEM - Android XMPP Feature #401: Ice Cream Sandwich Interface following Design Guidelines
Somehow i got logged out of redmine while writing this... Loop Back

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