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09:58 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Bug #353 (Closed): changestatus causes segfault
When I try to change status either with the button in the menu or with the notification area I get this segfault and ... Whatcha Computer
04:12 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Bug #339: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not connected to server.
I am having this same problem with 0.1.5 from hg and from the source files. Is there a fix for this? Whatcha Computer
04:10 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Bug #352: beem 0.1.5 crash in eclipse
Nevermind I updated eclipse and it fixed it. Whatcha Computer


05:58 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Feature #289: Colored Beem-Icon according to status
es no good :( Whatcha Computer


07:18 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Feature #280 (Closed): Remove Fading edge in chats
Chats get cut off all the time because of the fading edge.
You should use:
in res/...
Whatcha Computer
07:13 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Feature #279 (Closed): Default background image
The default background image is stupid looking with weird black should be changed to a solid color. Change... Whatcha Computer
07:10 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Feature #278 (Feedback): Status in ongoing
Beem status should be removed from ongoing. I only want to see a notification icon in my notifications if I receive a... Whatcha Computer


04:22 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Feature #269 (Closed): Change status location
The status change location should be moved from the notification area to the options area or a new menu.
The only ...
Whatcha Computer

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